Air Purger (CPA-10)

Air Purger CPA-10

Cool Partners have developed an Air Purger, the CPA, that has proven to be highly efficient while being very simple to operate.The Air Purger utilize the lowest temperature and the highest pressure available in the system to acheive the highest possible degree of separation between the air and the refrigerant.

In our experience – air, water and oil are the cause of most problems in refrigeration systems.

Symptoms include:

  • Loosing capacity over the years
  • Capacity problems during the summer
  • Increased power consumption
  • Higher service/maintenance costs
  • Oil decomposing
  • Unexplained behavior…

What happens with air in the system?

  • Occupies condenser surface
    = higher condensing pressures
  • Blocking drainage of liquid
  • Chemical reactions take place
    = oxidation of oil and metals
  • Control problems due to air pockets
    (e.g. HP float valves)

As a consequence…

A 1°C increase in condensing pressure means approx…

  • 1% lower cooling capacity
  • 3% Lower COP
  • 3.1% Higher Power Consumption (for a given capacity)
Air Purger NH3 Capacity
The left graph shows the air purgers air purging capacity as an air volume flow. The red curve is
the volume of the air in the condenser or receiver, and the green curve is the volume of the purged
air at atmospheric pressure.

The air purger will suck or drag the air from the purging points with the refrigerant at a capacity of
approx. 10 kW refrigerant flow at condensing pressure.

Very often our air purgers have been installed on systems which have already had competing products on for many years, yet our purgers still find lots of air.

Such is the efficiency of the CPA, that very often you cannot detect any obvious traces of Ammonia in the expelled air, even considering how easily noticeable it is.