Water Purger (CPW-15)

Ammonia Water Purger CPW-15

Ammonia-Water Chart
Consequences of Water in Ammonia Systems
• Increased power consumption
• Reduced refrigeration capacity
• Lower evap pressure at the same temperature
• Oil is broken down and creates nitro compounds
• Nitro compounds can dissolve in the NH3 and colour it
• Leaks due to embrittlement of O-rings and gaskets
• Leaks due to galvanic corrosion
• Wear and tear on valves and controls
• Sludge in the system
Measuring Water in Ammonia
Measuring water in Ammonia is easy for any trained technician to do, you can simply drain off 100mL of Ammonia from the low side, and leave it in an safe, open place to evaporate – then measure the remaining water content. Alternatively if a recirculated evaporator is operating a few degrees higher than what it’s pressure gauge indicates, this is also a sign of a water contaminated system!

Measuring Water in Ammonia